Team Profile
 ABDUL MOUNEM SALHA - [Owner of Colosseum Health Club]
  • 1988/1989/1990/1991/1992 First Place Syrian Champion in Body Building Professional Division
  • 1993 3rd place Champion In UAE Body Building Professional Division
  • 1994 2nd Place Champion in UAE Body Building Professional Division
  • Best Abdominal Muscle in the gulf 1994
  • Certified professional Body Building instructor from SYR Federation since 1991
  • Certified professional Judge from SYR Federation in Body Building since 1993
  • Certified Spinning Instructor
  • Certified Personal Trainer from Life Fitness Academy
  • Certified Spinning Instructor from Schwinn Academy
  • Certified Nutritionist for IFBB in 1995
  • Fitness and Personal Training Course from Life Fitness Academy in 2001
  • Certification in Gym Management from Life Fitness Academy in 2002
  • Course in Pre-Habilitation from Life Fitness Academy in October 2003.
  • ESSA International Personal Trainer/ not completed yet.
 Nigon - [Muay Thai-Kick Boxing-KI & Boxing Instructor]
  • Started as Muay Thai fighter at 15 YO
  • 1st Place Thailand Championship weight 58 to 63Kg
  • 1st Place Korea Championship in Soul Gimmy Five Stadium
  • 1st place Muay Thai Greece Championship
  • Did Over 210 Fights in Thailand only
  • Worked as Muay Thai Professional Trainer in Dubai - Thailand – Denmark - South Korea – Athena & Greece.
  • 2007 Worked as Training In Thailand kor  Samui Wmc,  Thai Pinyo Muay Thai And Fight .In Pech Bun Cha Stadium. Chaweng  Stadium And Champion In Kor Samui Thailand.
  • 1980 to 1993 participated in over 210 fights in South Esan/ Thailand
  • 1988-1993 Fighting In Bangkok In Luppinee Stadium And Raja Stadium in Bangkok wiht, Training In Pitsanu-Rasion Champ, CHO, WRI COOL . Muay Thai Champ.
  • 1994-2000 worked as Trainer in Dubai
  • 2000-2001 Worked in Denmark as Training Siam Muay Thai and Fighter K1
  • 2002-2003 Worked as Trainer In  South Korea In SOUL TAE Rung Muay Thai  And Gumi City  pee  Moo  Kun Muay Thai  And  Fighting , also, participating in Championship In Soul Gimmy Five Stadium In Korea.
  • 2004-2005 Worked as Training in Athena, Greece and Fight K1
  • 2006- 2007 Worked as Training In Thailand kor  Samui Wmc,  Thai Pinyo Muay Thai And Fight .In Pech Bun Cha Stadium. Chaweng  Stadium And Champion In Kor Samui Thailand.
  • 2008-2009 Training In Sor Sompong Muay Thai Champ, Make student Fight In Thai Tv Ch 3,5,7
  • 2010 Start Training in Colosseum In Dubai, Muay Thai
  • Have Fight; 210 Fight And Training 25 Years experienced in Training Muay Thai
 Gemma Comport - [Swimming Instructor]
Brief Information
Gemma Comport came to the UAE in 1998, and has been teaching swimming ever since. In 1998, Gemma fell in love with teaching swimming, and started teaching small children at a nursery. From there her talent and love for this skyrocketed. She then worked at a private school for more than seven years, devoting much of her time to helping those who need it most, her students, and never hesitated to organise events even if they go into her personal time.

Gemma Comport has really proven herself as a worthy instructor, with a friendly and diligent training style. This was shown with her son who has come to win over 18 gold medals in various swimming events and tournaments in the UAE.

Currently, Gemma is teaching swimming to a select few individuals, and is training constantly in gymnasiums and swimming pools to be able to keep her stamina and skill to a maximum.

  • LTS Universal teaching Certificate
  • LTS Qualified Lifeguard Certificate
  • FINA Australian Teaching Certificate
  • PADI Qualified Open Water Diver
 Mustafa - [Karate Instructor]

Awards and Certificates

  • 4th Degree Black Belt from Japan Karate Association J K A
  • U.A.E. Champion 2004 ( 1st Place)
  • U.A.E. Champion 1997 ( 1st Place)
  • U.A.E. Champion 1996 ( 1st Place)
  • U.A.E. Champion 1995 ( 1st Place)
  • U.A.E. Champion 1994 ( 1st Place)
  • European Championship 1991 (3rd Place)
  • Hungarian Championship 1991 (2nd Place)
  • U.A.E. Championship 1997 “Silver “ KATA
  • U.A.E. Championship 1996 “Silver “ KATA
  • U.A.E. Championship 1995 “Silver “ KATA
  • Certified Trainer U.A.E Karate Federation
  • Certified Referee from West Asia Federation
  • Certified Referee from U.A.E Karate Federation
 Musab Al Hariri - [Karate Instructor]
  • Certified Black Belt 1 Dan by UAE karate & judo federation
  • U.A.E Champion “Golden” middle kumite (fight) - 1994/95 UAE Championship
  • U.A.E Champion “Golden” middle kata - 1994/95 UAE championship.
  • U.A.E Champion “Golden” middle kumite (fight)- 1995/96 UAE championship.
  • U.A.E Champion “Golden” middle kata 1995/96 UAE championship.
  • “Silver” middle kumite (fight) - Dubai karate clubs tournament 1993
  • 2 months special training session with Shihan “Mr. Abe” (8 Dan).
  • 3 months custom KUBODU training
 Ashiq - [Fitness & Body Building Instructor]
  • Certified Body Building Instructor
  • Certified Fitness Instructor
  • Supplements consultant
  • Muscle Development programs
  • Weight Loss Expert 
  • Fitness Assessment Consultant
  • Certified Aerobics Instructor
  • Abdominal expert workout
  • Diet Consultant
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